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“Your home should be like a good movie,” says Enid Harris. “It should tell the story of who you are.”


She should know. After having built a successful career as a costume designer in the entertainment industry, Enid expanded her portfolio in 2004 to include interior design. It was a natural transition as both disciplines require creativity, taste, practical skills such as project management and problem-solving – and, of course, the ability to stick to budgets.


She listens to your needs and helps you to elevate your own personal style. With an eye for mixing intriguing new, old, and one-of-a-kind objects, along with your own favorite pieces, she prides herself in fulfilling your vision with exceptional quality, creating a home that is beautiful, functional, and a true representation of your lifestyle.


No project is too small or too large, and Enid can collaborate with your architect and/or contractor. Regardless of the scope of a project, she sees the end game and can steer choices in the right direction so everything ultimately works together.


“When I’m done,” Enid says, “you’ll have a living, breathing space – a home – that tells your unique story.”

To contact Enid please call (310) 993-5404

"Fashion and Interior Design
are one and the same."
– Iris Apfel
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